History of the Journal
List of Reviewers

        Mineralogia, an open access journal publishes original papers in the scope of widely understood mineralogical sciences (i. e. mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, environmental sciences, applied mineralogy, etc.). Mineralogia (formerly Mineralogia Polonica) is an English language journal with 40 years long tradition.


  • facilitates communication and promotes scientific research,
  • cover broad scope of mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology and related disciplines,
  • offers both printed (ISSN 1899-8291) and electronic versions (eISSN 1899-8526).

Benefits for the Authors:

  • fast and constructive blind peer reviews provided by international specialists,
  • electronic version available on Sciendo webpage
  • English language-correction for authors from non-English speaking countries,
  • no processing and no publication charges
  • no limits for colour figures in electronic version,
  • high-quality electronic publication technology,
  • promotion of published articles.
  • abstracting and indexing in databases Sciendo

       Original research papers up to 20 pages (1800 characters per page), review papers, scientific communications, short notes (e.g. new interesting occurrences of minerals), book reviews and letters to the editors with comments on the papers published are published. Authors of larger manuscripts are asked to contact the Editor before submission.
       If you have any questions regarding our journal please address them to the: mineralogia@mineralogia.pl