History of the Journal
List of Reviewers

        First issue of Mineralogia Polonica, the official Journal of the Mineralogical Society of Poland, was published in 1970 soon after foundation of the Society in 1969. Mineralogia Polonica, publishing in English from its beginning, has been very important for development of mineralogical sciences in Poland, exchange of scientific journals and international collaboration. Based on a long discussion with our colleagues from abroad we have noticed that the title suggests that the journal is focused on local mineralogical problems from Poland. To avoid this misunderstanding we have decided to modify the title and accordingly the journal cover. The new and simple title Mineralogia (with subtitle Geochemical, Mineralogical and Petrological Research) indicates an open character of the journal. We intend to publish original papers, review papers and short notes from broad fields of geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, technical, experimental and applied mineralogy, environmental geochemistry and mineralogy. We have also decided to introduce changes in the organization of our Editorial Board to ensure high scientific level of journal and relatively short time-span between paper submission and publication (electronic and paper versions). The regular series Mineralogia will be accompanied by the irregular one (Mineralogia - Special Papers), containing conference abstracts. The present issue begins new series of the journal. The first issue of Mineralogia - Special Papers will appear in September 2008 as an abstract volume prepared for the 2nd Central-European Mineralogical Conference.

        It is our deep conviction that journals published by scientific societies should be accessible freely to the whole scientific community. Similarly to the former Mineralogia Polonica all full-text papers of the new journal will be accessible from the Mineralogical Society of Poland website (www.ptmin.pl) and Sciendo platform (https://sciendo.com/journal/MIPO). Since 2006 digital version of the joural is the primary version.

        We invite you to publish your papers in Mineralogia and we hope you will like it.